Sustainable Food

Our Vision

Our vision is to help transform the food system to meet global sustainability targets for environment and health. We are achieving this by working with different food system stakeholders, including farmers, food supply chains, consumers, and policymakers.


Our Research Approaches

We approach the challenge of transforming food systems for people and the planet using a variety of approaches. This includes big data on agri-environmental impacts, food system modelling, scenario analysis to understand pathways to e.g., net zero emissions in food, behavioural science, biodiversity surveys and monitoring, and information communication toolkits.

Our research cuts across outcomes that link with global sustainability targets such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To date, our research has investigated topics such as the climate, biodiversity, human health, and animal welfare impacts of food systems.

A key theme underlying our projects is how to communicate scientific information to food system stakeholders (consumers, producers, civil servants, policy makers, food corporations, etc) to motivate and enable sustainable decision-making. This includes having developed several information communication platforms and toolkits, such as HESTIA, the FoodMetric Tool, and the Farm Sustainability Toolkit.

We work with: farmers, businesses, organisations that interact with food, policy makers, civil servants, consumers.

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Here are some publications that represent the breadth of our work. For a more complete list of publications, please see individual researchers’ profiles.


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