Mike Clark


Mike's research interests include the environmental, economic, and health impacts of food systems. He uses models to provide quantitative estimates on the current and projected impacts of the food system, as well as the potential benefits of changing the food system (e.g. by changing diets, or the rate at which yields increases).

Mike joined the Centre on Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention in August 2018, and is working on expanding the Centre's food system model to incorporate biodiversity and economic outcomes in collaboration with the Wellcome funded projected "Livestock, Environment and People", as well as with researchers from other departments across Oxford and international collaborators. Mike is also working on the Operationalising Guidance for the Treasury Green Book programme.

Mike holds a PhD in Natural Resources Science and Management from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and studied biology and ecology at undergraduate level.

Brief CV

2018-Current: Researcher and James Martin Fellow – Oxford

2014-2018: PhD Candidate: University of Minnesota

2012-2014: Junior Researcher – University of Minnesota

Published Papers

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