Research Themes

Catalysing Change

Our vision is taking conservation science beyond academia to create impact, making concepts and recommendations tangible and bridging the gulf between thought and practice.

Conservation, Equity and Rights

Our research aims to inform local
conservation practice that is both effective and equitable,
and respects human rights, in line with the
Global Biodiversity Framework.

Nature Positive

Our vision is empowering everyone – individuals, organisations and governments – to build a nature-positive world, in which nature and people can thrive together.

Species and Ecosystem Recovery

Our vision is to understand the various dimensions of biodiversity and threats to biodiversity, and to communicate recovery potential and the actions needed to achieve it so that we can enable a better future for people and nature.

Sustainable Food

Our vision is to help transform the food system
to meet global sustainability targets for environment
and health.

Wildlife Use and Trade

Our research on wildlife use and trade informs
actions to prevent the overexploitation of
biodiversity at local to global scales.