Conservation, equity and rights

Our Vision

Our vision is to support a transformative shift towards more equitable, inclusive approaches to  conservation that fully respect human rights and are effective. We do so through field research and policy engagement, by working closely with the different actors involved, including by supporting local environmental stewardship by indigenous peoples and local communities.

Our Approach

We are working with a range of actors to develop policy and inform best practice.

We are working with local people, including indigenous peoples, to help them document their contributions to conservation and gain recognition and support for their land rights claims.

We use interdisciplinary, mixed methods and participatory approaches.

We carry out field research, desk-based global analyses, and policy research.

Theme Members


Here are five academic publications that represent the breadth of our work. For a more complete list of publications, please see individual researchers’ profiles.

Newing, H., Fisher, M., Brittain, S., Kenrick, J., & Milner-Gulland, E. (2023). How can we advance equitable, rights-based conservation? Oryx, 57(3), 273-274. https://doi:10.1017/S0030605323000418

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Other Outputs

This is where you can find our reports, policy briefs and all other materials published outside of academic journals.

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