Research Assistant

Eleanor Hammond


have been drawn to nature and the outdoors from an early age, and my strong feeling that all animal lives should be valued from a moral perspective is what encouraged my initial interest in conservation science.

During my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge I developed a particular interest in the link between conservation science and the food system, in the way that the food system contributes to biodiversity loss and climate change and the ways that this impact can be reduced.

Research Interests

I am interested in ways in which the environmental impact of the food system can be reduced, through actions at different scales and different stages of the food system. I previously worked as a research assistant on a project in the field of agri-environmental technology.

Current Research

I am the researcher on the Eco-Metric Tool Project. This project aims to design and build an easy-to-use tool that enables organisations (particularly college catering) to measure the environmental impact of their food choices, to track their impact over time, and to explore options for reducing this impact by operationalising the Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy, in order to meet a measurable environmental target (for example net gain of biodiversity and net zero carbon by 2035).

This will involve discussions with college and commercial caterers to understand the market and preferred aspects of this tool, as well as adapting existing environmental databases to be the basis for this tool and establishing how to operationalise the Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy into the tool.