The Triple Challenge in UK Offshore Wind Farms: Executive Summary

Lydia Anderlini
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Lydia Anderlini | MBiol
I have been really interested in conservation and specifically aquatic/marine conservation for a long time. I started scuba diving with my mom quite young and really fell in love with the ocean. In 2019 this led me to get my divemaster certification and work as a guide on the island of Bonaire. I was involved in a lot of cleanup projects, lionfish culls, and educational tours for tourists visiting the island, and I learned about the MPA surrounding much of the island. Living on Bonaire really cemented my interests in marine biology and made me see the impacts that proper conservation can have on local communities.

I grew up in DC and was always surrounded by politics. In high school I began to get involved in protests and climate activism, and I was really excited to see the modules here at oxford that talked about the practicalities of implementing conservation policies, and the considerations that go into those policies. I am excited to start work with ICCS and really dive into the human side of conservation.