Assessing the local drivers of shark and ray meat consumption in Sri Lanka.

Shathuki Perera
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Shathuki Perera | MBiol
My love for nature began with my childhood in Sri Lanka, which was filled with the flora and fauna of the tropics. I spent my evenings in my garden, atop the guava tree, observing beetles on the branches, and following butterflies in the flowers. If I was lucky, I might spot a monitor lizard or some rat snakes mating (or as I thought then, cuddling)!

Ever since I relocated to the UK to pursue my studies, I have been astounded by the remarkable efforts dedicated to preserving nature. This experience has led me to recognise the limited opportunities for conservation in developing countries, including my own. Consequently, I have dedicated myself to the mission of safeguarding and actively contributing to the preservation of natural ecosystems worldwide, as well as within my homeland.