Conservation and ecology of the saiga antelope

This has been an ongoing research interest of the group for over 20 years, although centered around the ecology and conservation of the saiga antelope, we also have interests in the effects of changes in the rural economy on land degradation, establishment of protected areas.

Our current and recent saiga projects include various community outreach projects such as a Women’s Embroidery programme in UzbekistanEnvironmental education through art in all the saiga’s range states, work with children through events such as Saiga Day festivities in rural schools, as well as scientific researchprotected areasSmall grants programmes and much more.

We also have a number of publications on saigas available on our publications page. We publish the e-bulletin Saiga News twice a year. You can find out more about our practical work for saiga conservation at the website of the Saiga Conservation Alliance, of which E.J. is Chair and Carlyn Samuel is Programme Manager. The Saiga Conservation Alliance works across the saiga’s range in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan as well as in consumer countries such as China, to secure its future.

Visit the Saiga Resource Centre website for publications, reports and more on our conservation and research programmes

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