UKCEH Postgraduate Seminar Day

Following the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology’s (UKCEH) annual Postgraduate Seminar Day falling victim to Covid-19, the UKCEH Wallingford postgraduate community has decided to go virtual and are holding a ‘Twitter Conference’ this Friday (3rd April; 10am to 5pm). The ‘speakers’ will each post a series of tweets about their research, with topics including citizen science, antimicrobial resistance, eDNA, sustainable pest control, microplastics, and insect declines. There will also be special guest threads from Professor Helen Roy MBE (tweeting about invasion ecology) and Professor EJ Milner-Gulland (on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework).

On the day, you can follow the action using the hashtag #WallingfordECRTweets. Join in by retweeting your favourite parts and replying to the presenters’ tweets with any questions or comments.