How to Save the Earth in Four Steps

What do the triple challenges of climate, biodiversity and social crises mean for society? How might we go about addressing these challenges?

A group of 22 different institutions, led by researchers at the University of Oxford, have developed the “Mitigation & Conservation Hierarchy” – a plan for how we might go about achieving our biodiversity goals from 2021-2050. Known as #4Steps4TheEarth, its four simple steps can be used by everyone, from governments and business to cities and individuals, with the aim of addressing our impact on the world’s biodiversity in a frank, fair, and flexible way.

Join researcher Henry Grub for a look at how these 4 Steps work at different levels to achieve aspirational changes, and how people can use it themselves to transform their own lives, and get to grips with their impact on nature. Find out more at

Henry Grub is a researcher at the Department of Zoology, currently coordinating a team of researchers from multiple disciplines on implementing the 4 Steps at the University – in particular by looking at the management of land in the UK and the food consumption of halls and canteens. He also has a background in dealing with biodiversity loss from development projects.

If you missed Henry’s talk, you can watch the event here




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