Four Steps for the Earth: becoming ‘nature-positive’ by 2030

Postdoctoral researcher

Sophus zu Ermgassen


Sophus is an ecological economist working on topics broadly related to biodiversity finance, UK environmental policy, biodiversity compensation (e.g. biodiversity offsetting, Biodiversity Net Gain), infrastructure sustainability, nature-positive business, and postgrowth economics. Examples of his recent research projects include evaluating the outcomes of biodiversity compensation systems in the UK and abroad, exploring the sustainability dimensions of the UK housing affordability crisis and charting policy pathways to achieving “a home for all within planetary boundaries”, and evaluating the species threatened globally by society’s growing demand for sand and construction minerals. His work has featured in media outlets including the Guardian, BBC Countryfile and the Times. His Postdoc is funded by EU Horizon 2020 project “SUPERB”, focusing on understanding and evaluating the mechanisms for financing the restoration of forests across Europe. He is also assisting the biodiversity and scenario modelling work packages for the Agile Sprint project: Operationalising Treasury Green Book Guidance on biodiversity


Sophus advises Natural England as a member of their Biodiversity Metric expert advisory group, and the UK Treasury as a member of their Biodiversity Economics Working Group. He is the co-host of the European Society for Ecological Economics podcast “Economics for Rebels”, and in 2022 was named on the ENDS Report “Power List” of the 100 most influential environmental professionals in the UK.

research Interests

Ecological economics, infrastructure sustainability, public policy, impact evaluation, postgrowth economics, biodiversity finance, corporate biodiversity measurement and reporting, biodiversity offsetting, Biodiversity Net Gain, ecological mitigation, sand and construction minerals.

Current Research

Sophus is a Postdoc on EU Horizon 2020 project “SUPERB”, where he is using mixed methods to understand the dynamics of forest restoration finance across the EU. He is exploring scalable mechanisms for financing forest restoration, paying specific attention to mechanisms for ensuring investments truly deliver ‘additional’ ecological improvements, as well as socially just outcomes.

Brief CV


(2018-2022) Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent – PhD. Awarded University Postgraduate award for most outstanding Postgraduate

(2016 – 2017) University of Edinburgh – Ecological Economics (MSc) – Distinction (top of class)

(2014 – 2015) Judge Business School, University of Cambridge – Management Studies (MA) – class 2.1

(2011 – 2014) University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam College, Donald Walker Scholarship – Zoology (MA) – class 1.


Work experience

Freelance sustainability consultant (2019-onwards)

UK Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology POST Fellow (2020)

Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent, PhD scholar (2018-2022)

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research, Leipzig, Research Assistant (2018)

The Nature Conservancy, Research Assistant (part-time 2014-2018)

AECOM, Environmental Economist (2016)

OC&C Strategy Consultants, Consultant (2015)

Published papers

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zu Ermgassen, Sophus, Michal Drewniok, Joseph W Bull, Christine Corlet Walker, Mattia Mancini, Josh Ryan-Collins, and André Cabrera Serrenho. “A Home for All within Planetary Boundaries: Pathways for Meeting England’s Housing Needs without Transgressing National Climate and Biodiversity Goals.” SocArXiv, 2022.

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