Leventis African Biodiversity Fellow 2022

Roseline Mandisodza


I am passionate about wildlife. I have always dreamed of working with wildlife. I am very comfortable with wildlife in the field/wild. I am the voice for wildlife.

Research Interests

My research area of interest is large carnivore management. I am attracted by the large charismatic species, the intra and inter specific competition. I am fascinated by seeing the species thriving in the wild. I am interested in the human intervention aspect in managing the carnivores, maintaining the wildlife habitat, and striking a balance in the protected areas and creating co-existence with local communities.

Current Research

My research involves managing utilization of large carnivores, availing resources for management and wildlife ranching.


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About Rose's Fellowship

When I saw the advert for the Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship, it just summarized what I wanted to do at this point in my career. I am at a curve in my career where I need to define myself as a wildlife practitioner and through this fellowship, I hope to have a firm springboard to move to the next level.

I want to interact established researchers and academia in the field of wildlife management. I want to link local wildlife conservation practices with international standards as we seek to ensure sustainable wildlife development and management.