Conservationists aren’t alone: my experience of the Student Conference on Conservation Science

MBiol and Coordinator, Nature Positive Universities Student Ambassador Programme

Nell Miles


My main interest is in developing solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises which benefit both people and nature, providing positive outcomes for all stakeholders. I believe that collaboration between governments, businesses and the public is vital to drive change, so I want to engage people from all walks of life to help them understand their place in developing a sustainable future. I’m interested in biodiversity policy and decision-making because of the prominent role governments and industries have in mitigating climate change and reaching a Nature Positive future, but also believe in empowering individuals across the world to catalyse change.

Research Interests

In my MBiol Biology degree at the University of Oxford I have gained particular interest in biodiversity conservation and how this interacts with business, government, and local communities. My work as Assistant to the Technical Advisor for Forestry and Climate Change in Ekiti State Forestry Commission, Nigeria, as part of a collaboration with the School of Anthropology in particular has given me an appreciation of the policy side of conservation, and I hope to further my work and education the science-policy interface in the future. As Ambassador Coordinator of the Nature Positive Universities Student Ambassador scheme, I’ve become deeply interested in how we can create change worldwide through capacity building and providing resources to young people across the globe.

Current Research


I’m currently in my third year studying Biology and am hoping to complete a Masters project within ICCS on UK policy and biodiversity. Within my role with Nature Positive Universities, I’m helping to develop resources and guidance for university students to assist their universities in becoming nature positive.

Brief CV


  • Ambassador Coordinator, Nature Positive Universities (2022-present)
  • Assistant to the Technical Advisor for Forestry and Climate, Ekiti State Forestry Commission (Jun 2021-present).
  • Intern, DICE – Darwin Initiative project on safeguarding biodiversity and livelihoods in the Aral Sea region of Uzbekistan (Jul-Sept 2022)
  • Executive Producer for Oxford Botanic Garden’s upcoming podcast, UnbeLEAFable Botany (Jul 2021-present).
  • Coordinator, Pledge For Our Future (Sept 2021-2022).

Other Experience:

  • Hertford College Environment and Ethics Representative (Oct 2021-present).
  • Junior Consultative Committee Representative, University of Oxford Biology Department (Oct 2020-present).
  • Secondary Education Volunteer, Oxford Botanic Garden (Jul 2021-present).
  • Campaigner, Zero Hour (May 2022-present)
  • Volunteer, Saiga Conservation Alliance (Jun 2022- present)