Nature Positive Universities Coordinator

Emily Stott


My background is as a biological anthropologist and I am fascinated by how people interact and engage with their environments and fellow species, and how to harness motivation to tackle our global challenges such as climate change, social justice and biodiversity loss.

I have worked in sustainability for almost ten years with environmental group Bioregional, helping to develop the innovative “One Planet Living” framework to communicate the impacts of lifestyle choices and consumption on nature. I also worked in research and development of low impact housing and alternative paper and fibre sources, such as hemp textiles and straw paper. I also collaborate with the Oxford Treescapes project, working with Oxfordshire parishes and landowners to promote nature recovery on their land.

Current Research

I work in the Department of Zoology coordinating a global network of around 400 universities signing up to start a Nature Positive journey, in collaboration with UNEP and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Universities will look at biodiversity impacts of their campuses, operations and supply chains, set targets and prioritise actions for nature using the Conservation Hierarchy. I am inspired by the concept of “Nature Positive” to highlight the challenge and journey required to restore ecosystems, species and habitats to complement transitions to net zero carbon, at the same time creating an inclusive community of institutions with diverse settings and expertise.

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Brief CV

2021 | Consultant (Bioregional)

2010-20 | Full time parent, NGO fundraiser, Forest School volunteer

2009 | Researcher & volunteer (Syria & Jordan)

2008-9 | Research Assistant (University of Leeds)

2007-8 | MRes Sustainable Textiles (University of Leeds)

2005-6 | WCMT Travelling Fellowship (India & China)

2002-9 | Researcher & Project Manager (Bioregional)

1999-02 | BA Archaeology & Anthropology (University of Cambridge)

Published Papers

Riddlestone, S., Stott, E., Blackburn, K. & Brighton, J. 2006. A Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Green Decortication of Hemp Fibre for Textile Uses. Journal of Industrial Hemp Vol 11 (2)