Elijah Kitelo


I work in CIPDP (Chepkitale Indigenous People Development Project) as a Project Officer in Kenya. CIPDP was founded in 2000 to advocate for the land rights and human rights of the Ogiek people of Mt. Elgon (Tulwoob Koony).

Research Interests


In CIPDP I have developed various maps i.e. map of Ogiek customary land, spatial planning map on progress, a map of encroachment and destruction of Mt. Elgon forest, a map of points of interest, a map of caves, a map of rivers, a map of former white highland and many other maps.

Under the spearhead of CIPDP the community won a court case 2022 concerning gazettement of Chepkitale Native reserve in 2000 to Chepkitale national game reserve.

Ogiek through CIPDP are in court to null gazettement of Mt. Elgon forest in the year 1932.

Early this year 2023 the community presented submission to NLC (National Land Commission) over historical land injustices.

Current Research

I’m here in Oxford University to gain knowledge and share indigenous knowledge on how we can develop a monitoring system of biodiversity in Mt. Elgon Kenya under https://www.forestpeoples.org/en/transformative-pathways. I wish to visit Oxford libraries and museums to find any document(s) that can support our land rights.

Brief CV

BSc. Computer Science: Egerton University 2016

Volunteer: CIPDP 2016-2019

Project Officer: CIPDP 2019- to Date