Trisha Gupta




I’ve been fascinated by the ocean and its vast mysteries from a very young age. Although I grew up in an Indian city that’s far away from the coast, I always looked for any excuses to be by the sea and explore its secrets. Combining this with an inclination for science and a passion for nature and wildlife, I decided to pursue a career in marine biology.

Soon after my masters, an internship on fisheries in the west coast of India exposed me to the real world of conservation. I realised that it’s not just about saving marine organisms but also about the lives of coastal communities interacting with and dependent upon the ocean. My interests then expanded to understanding some of these multidimensional problems and their solutions. While it can be challenging work, I do get to spend a lot of time in some beautiful areas of India’s coastline!



I’m interested in using interdisciplinary approaches to understand how conservation of highly threatened species like sharks and rays can be achieved in a fisheries-dependent nation like India where millions of people depend on the ocean for their food and livelihoods.


rayIndia is amongst the top three shark and ray fishing nations globally, yet conservation of these vulnerable species is hindered by a lack of information on their ecology and interaction with fisheries.

My PhD aims to explore sustainable management of shark and ray fisheries in India. I will first assess the characteristics and drivers of shark and ray fisheries across the country, and identify key sites and species for conservation.

I then plan to use interdisciplinary frameworks to explore measures for better conservation of these species and sustainable management of their fisheries.



2017 – 2020: Research Assistant at Dakshin Foundation

2014 – 16: MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Ghent University, Belgium

2011 – 14: BSc in Biology and Chemistry, Christ University, India



Supervised by Prof. EJ Milner-Gulland, funded by the Levine Family Foundation






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