Laur Kiik

I have studied nature, nationalism, and religion in war-torn Burma’s Kachin region since 2010.

My first publications are now (slowly) coming out, including on the anti-ethno-political logic of China’s development-investment, on popular Christian nationalist cosmology in Kachin society, and on the anthropology of nature conservation (please see below).

My doctoral project explores how disparate world-making projects encounter each other, specifically the Kachin national revolution movement and international biodiversity conservation.

I try to take both nationalism and conservation seriously, and to integrate insights both from the social and natural sciences. Please do get in touch if we have similar research interests!


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Kiik, Laur (2014) Review of “Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology,” edited by Tim Ingold and Gisli PálssonAnthropological Notebooks 20(2): 173–175.