Prue Addison's Keynote "Towards Policy-Relevant Ecology" at the Norwegian Ecological Society conference

Prue has just come back from the NØF 2019 conference "Towards Policy-Relevant Ecology" in Tromsø, Norway, where she was a keynote speaker.

During this presentation she shared her career journey, starting off as a marine ecologist and moving much more towards the applied side of science, to give her research the best chance at generating real world impact.

In her keynote, Prue reflected on her experience of working across the science-policy-practice interface, and shared what she believes are five critical factors for achieving research impact, which include:

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Prue shared her experience of undertaking Knowledge Exchange and Research Impact work, particularly to help early career researchers wanting to enter into this emerging field of applied research across the science-policy-practice interface.

You can find Prue’s presentation slides here:

More information on Prue's research here