New Paper out today: Saiga horn user characteristics, motivations, and purchasing behaviour in Singapore

saigaA new paper published in Plos One today, led by ICCS researcher, Hunter Doughty outlines some of the most extensive consumer research to date on consumer demand for saiga horn.

The research has implication for policy, particularly CITES regulation and reporting, given the surprisingly high level of usage uncovered. Saiga antelopes are a high profile Critically Endangered species which were debated at the CITES CoP in Geneva recently.

The authors found 19% (about one fifth) of Chinese Singaporeans in their large-scale study said that saiga antelope horn was a traditional medicine product that they use frequently, yet these saiga users were unaware that saiga is a critically endangered species.

This work formed a crucial foundation for a full-scale behavioural intervention targeting saiga horn use in Singapore that was implemented and evaluated this year. Results of which are currently being analysed.


You can read the paper here


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Male saiga in the Stepnoi reserve. Photo: Andrey Giljov and Karina Karenina