Conservation and human rights: call for papers for Oryx: The International Journal of Conservation


We are inviting proposals for papers for a special theme in the international journal Oryx on conservation and human rights. The aim of the special theme, which is being coordinated jointly by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science, at the University of Oxford and Forest Peoples Programme, is to advance and nuance current discussions about the relationship between conservation and human and indigenous peoples’ rights, both in terms of how to improve rights recognition in conservation and also in terms of how rights recognition can enable effective conservation.

We are interested both in the relationship between communities and state protected areas, and also in how conservation can be enabled elsewhere through support for indigenous peoples and other rights-holders, their customary lands and their environmental governance and management systems. We are seeking to include a mix of empirical case studies (7,000 word limit) and shorter commentaries and perspectives. We are particularly keen to include papers that are co-authored between conservationists and Indigenous peoples and / or papers related to rights issues in the CBD’s post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and other global conservation policy frameworks.

If you would like to discuss an idea for a paper, please contact Helen Newing ( or any of the guest editors listed below. Alternatively, please send a working title and abstract to Helen by May 31st, 2021. We will shortlist submissions by 1st July 2021 and request full drafts of the selected papers. The deadline for submission of full drafts is October 31st 2021.

The guest editors for this issue are Justin Kenrick and Helen Tugendhat from Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) and Stephanie Brittain, Helen Newing and EJ Milner-Gulland from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science.

For further details of the journal’s Guidelines for Authors, see

Deadline: May 31st 2021


Royal Anthropological Institute’s online Anthropology and Conservation conference (25 to 29 October 2021):

Proposals received for the Oryx special theme could also be considered for inclusion in FPP’s panels at the RAI Anthropology and Conservation conference on (1) “How communities' conserve, and how protected areas can destroy communities' ability to conserve” (Panel P064); and (2) “Which future? A conservation that appropriates or supports community lands?” (Panel P072). If you would be interested in contributing to these panels, please let us know when you send in your proposal. The call for papers for the Conference closes 2 July 2021.