The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: setting hope against pessimism in an epoch of existential crises

, 5
Zoology Lecture Room, Portakabins near the Uni Club

Speaker: Paul Behrens, Univ. Leiden

flyerDescription: Communicating environmental science is fraught with danger, from dystopian hyperbole to Panglossian visions of techno-optimism.  Most popular science books are either overtly optimistic or abjectly negative (the latter with a slight inflection of concluding optimism so you don’t completely lose hope!).

There is a growing public appreciation that unprecedented upheavals will be necessary if we are to live within ecological limits, but many struggle to understand what this might look like in practice. In my forthcoming book, The Best of Times, the Worst of Times, I interleave chapters on pessimism and hope for themes ranging from energy, food, climate, and the economy. The book explores the implications of these changes and paints pessimistic and hopeful pictures of how they will alter our philosophies and change the way we live.


Drinks: Wine afterwards