Previous Group Members


Postdocs and Researchers

Adam Phillipson works for the Arcus Foundation in Cambridge, UK

Angelo Ramy Mandimbihasina. Continues as Madagascar Program Database Manager at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Asma Jabeen is working as a Lecturer at the Fatima Jinnah Women’s College, Pakistan

Carol Kerven Continues as Director, Odessa Centre Ltd., UK.

Charlie Edwards is working for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

Dave Roberts Is based at DICE. Reader in Biodiversity Conservation (University of Kent)

Doug Crookes is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Divya Narain. Senior Associate Environmental Management Centre, Mumbai.

Elizabeth L. Bennett. After her  time with us Liz returned to her role as Vice President for Species Conservation at WCS based in New York.

Emily Nicholson is a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, Melbourne

Emily Woodhouse is currently a lecturer in Interdisciplinary Environmental Anthropology/ Human Ecology at UCL

Finlay Scott is a research scientist at the Joint Research Centre in Italy

Graham Wallace  now works for the Salmon Coast Field Station

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya. Is working for the Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization. Project Manager. Tanzania.

Jeffery Mangel. Continues hs work at ProDelphinus, Peru

Joanna Alfaro Shigueto continues working at ProDelphinus, Peru

Julia Blanchard is now a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania

Juliane Struve is Assistant Professor in Fisheries Science, University of Florida, Gainsville.

Lynn Clayton Runs the Yayasan Adudu Nantu International NGO in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Matthew Selinske is currently a PhD student at RMIT University’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group and is focused on predicting human behaviour in environmental programmes.

Marcus Rowcliffe. Is a Research Fellow, at the Institute of Zoology, London.

Navinder Singh is Assistant Professor at Umea University, Sweden

Nils Bunnefeld is Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science at the University of Sterling

Penny Hancock is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford

Sarah Martin is a research scientist at the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Simon Pooley.  Is now the Lambert Lecturer in Environment (Applied Herpetology) at The Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies Birkbeck, University of London

Todd Katzner is a research wildlife biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey

Tony Charles is a 

PhD / DPhil Students

Aidan Keane is now a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh

Alex Tidd is a fisheries scientist at the University of Tasmania

Aline Kühl is now working for UNEP/CMS Secretariat.

Ambika Aiyadurai is Assistant Professor at the Indian Institite for Technology Ghandinagar.

Ana Nuno  is a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. 

Andrea Wallace is now working for the Salmon Coast Field Station

Annabelle Bladon is currently a freelance consultant based in New York.

Anthony Dancer is a PhD student at University College London

Benjamin Palmer-Fry is working as a natural history presenter for the BBC

Caroline Howe  is now working as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Geography Cambridge University and as an independent environmental economics consultant.

Christina Connolly is working for the Department for International Development (DFID) as a Technical Advisor on Forestry

Delphine Malleret-King is an Environmental consultant who heads up The Long Run.

Eric Morgan is Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology, University of Bristol.

Eriko Hoshino is now working as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Tasmania.

Gil Proaktor is Head of Climate Change, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel

Henry Travers is a research associate with ICCS

James McNamara is a Research Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute in the USA.

Janna Rist now works as a kayaking guide in Canada

Jim Roberts  is a Stock Assessment Scientist for the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council, Wellington, New Zealand

Joe Bull runs WildBusiness and is a Research Associate at ICCS

Julie Black is a researcher for JNCC.

Kerry Waylen  now working as a social researcher in natural resource management at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (MLURI) in Aberdeen.

Lauren Coad: is now working as a postdoc at the University of Oxford.

Lucy Rist is a lecturer at Umea University in Sweden.

Matt Sommerville works as a consultant at TetraTech, based in Zambia.

Monica Lundervold is working for Proctor and Gamble.

Nick Hill is NetWorks project manager at the Zoological Society of London

Noelle Kumpel is Conservation Policy Programme Manager for ZSL.

Samantha Earle is a Biology teacher at West Wycombe School

Sarah Papworth is a Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London

Sarah Robinson is an independent research consultant and an associate of ICCS.

Shelley Clarke is a Fisheries Consultant, and is currently working for the UN Food and Agriculture Association

Sonali Senaratna is a programme leader at the International Water Management Institute.

Sophie Allebone-Webb is now working as a researcher at CIRAD in France.

Stephen Ling is now working for the World Bank.

Tim Davies is a senior consultant at MRAG Ltd

Venetia Hargreaves-Allen is now working as an independent consultant.