ICCS and Covid-19

The research carried out by ICCS group members is varied and covers many different aspects of conservation, spanning mutiple countries, approaches and involving many different disciplines.

We have various different programmes and researchers who are currently working on topics relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic.


ICCS Position Statement regards Covid-19


Our recent blogs pertaining to Covid-19:


Academic Papers:

Saving lives, protecting livelihoods and safeguarding nature: risk-based wildlife trade policy for sustainable development outcomes post-COVID.

Investigating the risks of removing wild meat from global food systems.

Beyond banning wildlife trade: COVID-19,

COVID-19, systemic crisis, and possible implications for the wildmeat trade in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our researchers have been engaging with the media in various forums: use the drop-downs to find out more


Coronavirus: why a blanket ban on wildlife trade would not be the right response.  Originally published in 'The Conversation


Television news:

Channel 4 news UK. 29.4.2020. Watch the report here




Coronavirus: why a blanket ban on wildlife trade would not be the right response.  Dan Challender, Amy HinsleyDiogo VeríssimoMichael 't Sas-Rolfes Originally published in 'The Conversation



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